acrobat games

stunt pilot game
Stunt Pilot
See how great of a pilot your are by taking to the sky and maneuvering your plane through a series of hoops while collecting all of the stars. Try to complete each level by collecting as many stars as you can and in the fastest time possible.
wacky wings game
Wacky Wings
In this cool flying game, you get to test our your pilot skills against a wide variety of other aircraft. Win as many races as you can, so that you can use those earning to buy some of these wacky aircraft to fly.
stunt pilot trainer game
Stunt Pilot Trainer
Show off your excellent pilot skills by maneuvering through as many hoops as you can through each level. See how many stars you can collect as you try to finish each level in the quickest time possible.
skyrider game
Fly your glider through a series of very cool cities like Hollywood while collecting all of the stars. Watch out for gusts of wind, as they can easily blow you over and cause you to crash.
aero acrobat game
Aero Acrobat
Guide your aircraft through a series of colored hoops as you try to finish each level in the fastest time possible. Watch out for deadly obstacles that might come your way or else you will crash. Good luck!
3d stunt pilot game
3D Stunt Pilot
In this 3D game, your job is to fly your way through a series of cones as you try to finish the race in first place. Be careful, you are barely hovering over the water and one wrong move can cause you to crash.